Custom Recording Studios
Since 1965
Here's What People Are Saying About Custom Recording Studios

“Custom Recording Studios has been and will continue to be the ‘go-to’ venue for all of my projects; and, Jim Reynolds is, by far, the most impressive recording engineer with whom I have had the privilege to work.” Kenneth Garnier (Akouo), musical choreographer.

“This is the best piano I have ever played in my entire life. We checked out all of the best studios in South Dakota and came to the conclusion that none of them had a grand piano as good as the one at Custom Recording Studios.”  Jim Szana from South Dakota, who has recorded 10 albums here.

“I have been very pleased with the quality recordings that I have done at Custom Recording Studios. The piano is maintained to the highest standards and is a joy to play! Jim Reynolds knows his craft quite well and has some of the best microphones around. If you are looking to create a high quality recording at an affordable cost, look no further than Custom Recording Studios. I'll definitely be back with my future projects as it is truly a pleasure working with them..”  Neal Topliff, who has recorded 11 albums (all recorded here) for sale in gift shops around the world.

“We appreciate your willingness to participate in so many ways in this project for our children's program that will benefit thousands of families worldwide--for many years to come. Your gift of time and expertise to this endeavor merits more than any payment we have made to you for your services.”  BSF International, San Antonio Texas (17 childrens' albums recorded here)

“I have recorded five CDs at Custom Recording Studios and wouldn't consider going to any other studio in the Twin Cities. Jim Reynolds' conscientious approach to every aspect of the recording process, his superb facililty and equipment (including a full array of first-rate microphones for which he is justly famous), and a gorgeous Yamaha C-3 piano which is tuned and serviced every month: for all of these reasons, I have continued to take my business to Custom Recording Studios. To sum it up, Reynolds is a true craftsman, and in an age of glitz, gloss, and the quick fix, it is a privilege to work with a sound engineer of his caliber, patience, and integrity. He's the real McCoy.”  Thor Polson.

“I want to thank you for the great recordings that have taken place at Custom Recording Studios. The many years of experience of Jim Reynolds, owner and engineer, make all the difference. Through my decades of producing, I have always enjoyed and appreciated the professionalism, the great sounding recording room, and the best microphones. These assure the clients that they will always have a great recording. I love producing at Custom Recording Studios.”  Producer David Swanson

“This is the best-sounding piano I have ever tuned.”  Gordy J.

“Custom Recording Studios has one of the best microphone collections of all the recording studios in the Twin Cities.”  Music Tech Instructor

“I absolutely loved the grand piano but what I liked best was the professional sound that we got in the end. I enjoyed the freedom that Jim gave us to do what we wanted at our own pace. Thank you so much for showing us the ropes.”  L.M. from Minneapolis

“One of the first things that sticks out in my mind is the first time recording, the patience Jim demonstrated. Thanks Jim! Relaxed atmosphere...also, the professional attitude and experience.”  B.P. from the Twin Cities

“Jim Reynolds (owner of Custom Recording Studios), through many years' experience, provides engineering brilliance, time-tested advice, and the best microphones and grand piano in town. Important to me as well, Jim is able to put me at ease in about two seconds. He takes one look at my tense shoulders, cracks a joke, and all is well. I couldn't feel more at ease recording anywhere. I look forward to and enjoy each and every visit to Custom Recording Studios. I cannot recommend Jim Reynolds and Custom Recording Studios enough.”  Ellen Livesay.

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